Thursday, January 24, 2013

an adventurous date night

Dear Em,
I didn't fill out a long list of resolutions, but there were a few things I wanted to focus on this year. One of them was to have more patience. Another was to spend more quality time with your daddy. Looking back at last year, our days were filled with so much fun, but rarely did your daddy & I spend time just the two of us. Except for a couple date nights here & there, we mostly squeezed our alone time into your nap & after bed times. Unfortunately, that time is also spent cleaning up, resting, working, & preparing for the next thing. We didn't really even realize how much we needed some time, just the two of us, until we took a little trip to Stowe last year.

So, we're hoping to spend more date nights together. We don't always have to go out to have a date night, we can even have fun staying in & having a board game night. As long as it's time for just Brian & I.

The other night we went out for our first date night this year. We're so fortunate that your Grandma & Papa are so willing to watch you while we go out. I was pretty excited. We had chosen a wicked fun spot for our first night out just the two of us, a rock gym.

It was your daddy's first time rock climbing, & I hadn't gone since I was in grad school. We were a little nervous & intimidated about how things would go. We didn't need to be. It was amazing. It was so fun to challenge our bodies to climb higher. Plus, your daddy looked really cute as he climbed up the wall.

I loved spending the night cheering each other on, & watching each other reach the top of the wall. It was the best to have fun & get some exercise together. It felt great to try out something new, & to share that with your daddy. We're thinking about trying to go more often during the wintertime, a way to get some fun activity in during the cold months. 

Plus, we could totally see you joining us someday. It would be so fun to watch you scale the walls like a little monkey.

I love you so,

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