Wednesday, January 2, 2013

so many days of Christmas

Dear Em,
I'm not sure if the 12 days of Christmas are supposed to lead up to Christmas, start on Christmas day, or are somewhere in between. ABC Family had 25 days of Christmas. I think we have something in between 12 & 25. Between the school celebrations & work celebrations & friend celebrations & family celebrations...sometimes I feel like we're celebrating Christmas all month long. When we add your birthday in the mix, you have a present of some sort to open almost every day for a long time.

And now all of a sudden it's time to head back to work & school. Sigh, I feel like we all need a vacation to recover from our vacation. Wouldn't it be nice to snuggle up in bed & have some movie marathons for the next few days?

Not going to happen. It's back into the swing of things.

I hope to start recapping our fun celebrations tomorrow. Well, I was planning to start today, but with yesterday being our first day of rest in forever, a blanket & a cozy book seemed much more appealing than our laptop.

I love you so,


  1. I don't always comment but I have enjoyed reading about your is great...thank you for sharing..

  2. I love that we can catch up with each other from afar without even having to pick up a phone...although phones are good too :)


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