Tuesday, January 22, 2013

not enough snow

Dear Em,
It broke my heart to see the tears streaming down your face today as I told you it wouldn't be a snow day after all. Your prayers last night were more like begging, "please God can we have lots & lots of snow." I remember wishing & hoping for a snow day when I was little too. It seemed to take forever to get all bundled up (for my mom, it probably seemed to take forever too), before spending an exciting day in the fluffy whiteness (it was probably only an hour before we came in freezing, but when you're young it feels like all day).

I have to say, you're daddy was checking the listings every 15 minutes last night hoping for at least a delay. Although, for him it wasn't about playing in the snow. He gets to work from home on snow days. No luck. Not even a delay.

Between travel and how quickly our winter snow has melted, we've only really had one afternoon to play in the snow. You loved every moment of it. You went sledding. You tried to throw snowballs at me. You made a million snow angels (your favorite thing to do) before heading back inside after only 30 minutes because your little hands were frozen.

For you, I wish for at least one more magical snow day.

I love you so,

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