Monday, May 20, 2013

"God, please don't let there be rain in the sky."

Dear Em,
Once we finally started to get some non-winter weather, it's been a beautiful Spring in Rhode Island. We've had plenty of beautiful, sunshiney days with no humidity. It's my favorite weather for activities that don't involve the pool or beach. We've also had plenty of rain- which is fine. We need rain for the flowers to bloom & for our grass to be the perfect green that Daddy likes. The unpredictable weather does make it difficult to plan outdoor activities- like using our new kayaks.

We bought them last weekend in the middle of a rain storm (loading kayaks on your car for the first time in the rain is not ideal), & we've been trying to plan a perfect first kayaking outing since. After a week of questionable weather reports, we decided to go for our first outing at Barber's Pond on Sunday.

After breakfast on Sunday, your daddy looked at the weather report. Uh-oh. While the sun was shining at that moment, it looked like rain was headed our way. We rushed to get dressed, pack a picnic, get the kayaks on the car, & load the car with everything else we would need. Just as we finished packing everything into the car, the clouds rolled in.

Should we just unload & try another day? Should we chance it? I quickly ran back into our house to grab some rain jackets as we decided we would still go & hope for the best. I began to pull out of the driveway & heard your little voice behind me. "God, please don't let there be rain in the sky." You were looking out the window at the clouds, a hopeful expression filling your face. It was the sweetest little thing, & my heart swelled. Of course when you're not sure what to do, what can you do but pray?

God answered your prayers. We had perfect weather for our first family kayaking adventure- clouds sprinkled with sunshine. You & I shared the tandem kayak, & I couldn't have been happier with my adorable view.

Not knowing how you would do, we let you take a few toys along on the adventure. Your babies joined in on the fun. You sang "The Wheels on the Bus" as you splashed them in & out of the water. Ultimately, you got a little upset with them for "splashing water" on your pants.

Barber's Pond is small. It was perfect for a first outing. We easily paddled from one end to the other. You put your feet up as you yelled for me to paddle "faster!"

We had a blast on our first outing. You wanted to go swimming, & although it was great weather for kayaking, it wasn't really the weather for swimming. We have plenty of time for that, though. I see lots & lots of kayaking adventures filling our summer- God & weather willing.

I love you so,

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