Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Toes Behind You

Dear Em,
We were driving home from school last week. The music was on, but I was totally in my head. I had gotten some bummer news that day, & I was kind of on auto-pilot as I replayed it in my mind again & again.

Your little voice broke through the clouds in my head. "Mom, toes behind you." What?! I checked my review mirror to see what if anything was traveling behind our car that you could be talking about. "Mom, you like toes, right? Toes behind you." I looked down & to my right. There I saw your outstretched bare foot, placed on the armrest like a present for me. "Want some toes, Mom?" You had a huge, sweet grin on your face.

Leave it to you to pull me out of my head & put a smile on my face. I tickled your little toes & yelled "TOES!" in a big monster voice. We spent the rest of the ride home giggling as you reached out one foot & then the other.

Even on the most frustrating days, I've got TOES! AND really, Who needs anything else?

I love you so,

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