Thursday, May 23, 2013

How a Three Year Old Says: "Mom, your shorts are too short."

Dear Em,
Sometimes I feel like we're a family of bears. It's not that we're nasty & wild & tear things apart (although sometimes we do). It's just that it's almost like we hibernate during the winter. We don't sleep from November until April (although, sometimes I feel like I would like to), but our activity levels & outside time decrease a lot. We spend much of our winters bundled up inside & are ready to don shorts & sundresses on the first 60 degree day.

We've been thrilled to make the most of our Spring by getting outside as much as we can. One of our favorite activities to return to is bike riding on the South County Bike Path. Towing a little love behind you always makes it a little more challenging of a workout. As you've grown bigger each year, each year the workout gets a little more challenging. Your daddy & I take turns towing you. One of us tows you the four miles to the park where we picnic & play, & one of us tows you back.

Last week, we had one of our warmest summer days. We agreed to pack a dinner picnic & go for a bike ride after work. In preparation for the heat, I dressed in shorts & a t-shirt. You apparently did not approve of my outfit. "Mommy, you're naked! Put some clothes on!" I looked down to make sure this wasn't a major case of Mommy-Brain. Nope, I had remembered to put on all my clothes. All necessary body parts were covered.

"Em, I'm wearing clothes. See, these are shorts?" You looked at me & rolled your eyes exasperated. "No, Mommy, you're naked. You need to put on more clothes." This aparently would be the first of many times in our lives that you are embarassed by my clothing choices.

Regardless, we had a great family bike ride & picnic.

Daddy brought macaroons for desert. Sooooo stinkin' yummy.

You're getting so big. I remember how scared we used to be when you wanted to climb this.

At the end of our ride, you & I stretched together.

And sure, you called me naked at least six or seven more times during our bike ride & picnic. Apparently, that's your very tactful way of telling me you think my shorts are too short.

I love you so,

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