Thursday, May 2, 2013

playing catch phrase with a three year old

Dear Em,
Your daddy & I love catch phrase. It's been the fun that fills many late nights with friends & family & has kept us going during many road trips. Now, you want to play too.

It's an electronic game. You hold the circle shaped device (which you call your computer) & a word will show on the small screen. You have to describe the word without saying any part of the word. Then you pass it to the next person & they do the same with a new word. When times is up a buzzer goes off, & points are awarded to the team who is not holding the device when the buzzer goes off.

It's a little tougher to play catch phrase with a three year old than it is with most adults.
- Firstly, it's difficult to find a word you might know. While I think you have a stellar vocabulary, you don't know most pop culture names or car parts or moments in history. Mostly, we keep with the "items in the home" category & skip until we find words you may know.
- Secondly, you can't read. So, catch phrase is pretty much one way with us describing & you guessing the whole time.
- Lastly, your powers of imagination are much stronger than ours, leaving you to make guesses that don't really make sense to most non-three year olds.

Some examples...

Word= Manger
Daddy: What does baby Jesus sleep in?
Emma: A Nest!

Word= Anteater
Daddy: (after a lot of unsuccessful clues) I know I'm breaking all the rules, but these animals eat a lot of ants.
Emma: You're breaking all the rules! (that was your guess, you weren't yelling at him for breaking the rules)

Word= Lawnmower
Mommy: Daddy drives this to cut the grass.
Emma: A mowlawn!

Word= Glasses
Daddy: Sometimes people put these on to read.
Emma: A book!
Daddy: Well, you put them on your eyes to read.
Emma: Well, you don't put poop on your eyes. That would be silly.

While it may be tougher to get a correct answer, you certainly have us laughing more than ever. I didn't think catchphrase could get anymore entertaining, but it certainly does with you.

I love you so,

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