Tuesday, May 7, 2013

waking up on your own

Dear Em,
It was almost a year ago that you switched from a crib to a big girl bed. Ever since, we've listened to you call "Mom! Dad!" every morning as you woke. You would continue to call until we opened the door of your bedroom or called back & told you to come out of your room. I don't know why you felt you needed to do this. We never told you you had to stay in your bed until we told you you could get out. It's just what you did.

Sigh, until this morning.

This morning I woke up to the sound of you tugging at your door knob, the pitter patter of your feet going down the hall, & the toilet flushing. This was the first morning you didn't call out for us. It made my heart happy. You're growing up. I can almost picture you walking downstairs, turning the cartoons on, & pouring yourself a bowl of cereal. I can't say your daddy & I won't relish every extra moment of precious sleep. There were days as you called out to me before dawn that I wished I went by any other name than "Mom!"

But yet, I'm a little bit sad, because...well, because you're growing up. This is the end of yet another stage. I know all too soon our tradition of you climbing into our bed on Saturday & Sunday mornings & snuggling while you watch cartoons & daddy & I try to catch a few more moments of sleep will end someday too. These days just seem to go by so fast, & you seem to be growing up even faster. I want to take every moment I can to snuggle you in & just take you in as you are: Emma, age 3 & 4.5 months. Because you'll never quite be the same as you were at this moment right now.

I love you so,

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