Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Mini-Me

Dear Em,
I found a comfortable black & white striped sundress at Old Navy this year, & you were thrilled when we found you a black & white striped sundress at Target. For better or for worse, you are my mini-me. People ask your daddy & I who you take after. Your daddy smiles as he says "she's all Julie." You're not soft spoken, & I've seen it get you into trouble just as I've gotten in trouble for sometimes not knowing when to hold back from speaking my mind. You're incredibly stubborn & strong willed. At the same time, you have a quiet sensitivity. Your confidence is easily shaken. You're incredibly curious & serious, wanting to know how things work & why- wanting to try things out for yourself. You also have such a fun side, loving to sing & dance & tell (bad) jokes.

It breaks my heart to think that someday you will have a hard time with & detest some of the traits that take after me (your wide feet will probably top that list). But for now, you're thrilled when you can be "just like Mommy." This past weekend you got to dress just like mommy as we both wore our black & white striped dresses. You buzzed with happiness. I wasn't even allowed to put on a cardigan without you pouting that we were supposed to be exactly the same.

We headed to what you refer to as the big city (Providence) to have lunch at Duck & Bunny. I wasn't surprised to find that my mini-me loves my favorite Rhode Island snuggery just as much as I do. Then again, who doesn't love yummy crepes & cupcakes? We were lucky to be able to sit in the garden area outside & played Old Maid while we waited for our food.

After lunch, we headed a few miles away to the Hope Street Block Party. I get a weekly email from Rhode Island Monthly listing 5 events going on each weekend. When our weekends aren't already planned, I love checking out some of activities & events offered throughout the state. I love trying new things. So does my mini-me. It didn't matter that you didn't know anyone else at the block party other than Daddy & I. You dove right into the activities. You had a blast decorating a cookie, watching an alien marching band, blowing bubbles, eating Dels, dancing, driving a firetruck, & carrying around a red balloon. I loved that it was all free- such an incredible event for the community.

You joined a dance class but made it pretty clear that you came with your very own moves. I love that you didn't worry about being like everyone else. I also worry that you got your unique dance rhythm (or lack there of) from me.

"But I didn't even get to play with any blocks," you whimpered as we drove home. As much as we tried, you didn't understand the whole BLOCK party concept. Still, you didn't want to leave all the fun. I was sad to leave too. I loved watching you explore & dive into the day. 

There may be a day when you're frustrated with how similar we are, where you choose to see the differences more than the similarities. That's OK. There are a lot of traits I hope you don't get from me. But for now, I'm relishing the fact that my mini-me looks up to & wants to be just like her mommy.

I love you so,

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