Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Visit to the Dentist

Dear Em,
You recently went to your first dentist appointment. Yes, I know that's typically supposed to happen at age three. We were a little bit behind.

Our visit started with XRays. They were amazed with how still you stayed & the way you did exactly what they asked. I wasn't all that surprised. You tend to listen to people who are not me, & you have lots of experience with doctor's appointments.

You got your teeth cleaned & the dentist checked out your mouth. You got to enjoy watching a movie in the ceiling the whole time. They asked us a bunch of questions, & if I had ever thought about fudging the answers slightly, it wouldn't have been possible. You answered quickly & honestly. The dentist gave you a "No Cavity Club" sticker & a token to use to get a prize. It was so stinkin' cute. What a fantastic way to encourage kids to take care of their teeth.

It certainly encouraged you. You've been reciting the dentist's instructions verbatim since we left. Somehow all the times we talked to you about the importance of brushing your teeth never sunk in, but now you've seen the light. You love to brush your teeth & use the special tool from the dentist to floss. You've also agreed to only drinking orange juice on the weekends as a treat, because the dentist told you juice isn't good for you teeth. Sigh. Can the dentist come live with us?

I love you so,

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