Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm a player not a maker.

Dear Em,
About a month ago, we got your hair cut for the second time in your life. The first time the hairdresser dried your hair, & you got to wear your hair down plain for the evening. This was actually a special treat. You almost never get to just wear it down. This time, she asked you if you wanted fancy hair. You agreed to braids, & she seamlessly french braided your hair.

I watched in awe as you didn't wiggle. You didn't squirm. You didn't say ouch, but every part of the braids were perfect. I explained that I has never learned how to french braid, & the hair dresser admitted it had taken a lot of practice. Since then you have been reminding me I need practice so I can learn as well. You told me that once you didn't know how to ride a bike, but you practiced & now you can.

"If you practice, you can learn to french braid just like I learn things. Bye Mom. I'm going to school, & while I'm at school you can practice french braiding my dolls' hair."

It would be the perfect plan, except, well, I have to work while you're at school. When you're not at school, you typically want attention from me. So, to your dismay I haven't been practicing at all.

"Mom, you need to practice french braiding," you urged. "Why don't you practice your french braiding, & then you can french braid my hair," I replied." You looked at me very simply. "I'm a player, not a maker. Well, I do make food. Just not hairstyles."

One night last week you were sitting in my lap reading me a book, & it felt like the perfect time to get a little practice in. I asked you if I could braid your hair while you read. You were so thrilled I might finally learn to french braid, you agreed. The first side wasn't too awful. It was a little bumpy & not quite tight, but not bad for a practice run.

I asked you if I could french braid the other side. You were not as excited but agreed. There was squirming. There were ouches.

"You told me you wanted me to practice," I said exasperated. "I told you to practice ON MY PRINCESS DOLL, not ME!!!!"

I might need more practice.

I love you so,

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