Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Pink & Glittery Prizes

Dear Em,
We had so much fun with the games (toilet paper bride & newlywed game) at your aunt Andrea's shower, & I wanted the winners to take fun prizes home with them. Since the ladies at the shower would be traveling to the wedding, we all thought that travel themed prizes would be perfect. We looked at sunscreen, chapstick, & finally luggage tags. I love luggage tags. I feel like I can't get enough items to distinguish my plain, black luggage from everyone elses plain, black luggage in an airport.

So, I did a google search, an Amazon search, & an Etsy search for luggage tags. Nothing seemed to be quite right. I felt like everything was either expensive or cheesey. I emailed the other bridesmaids with some of the options I found, & they all agreed we hadn't found the perfect luggage tag for Andrea's event. We just knew we could do I did.

I ordered 12 clear acrilic luggage tags. With shipping, it cost a little more than a dollar a luggage tag. I bought gold & pink sparkly paper & used a business card to trace 12 rectangles into the gold paper before cutting the rectabgles out. Then I cut out 12 pink, glittery hearts using our heart punch. I used a glue gun to fasten the pink heart to the gold background. Before sticking the glittery insert into the clear acrillic tags, I used pink pen to print "Name", "Address", & "Phone Number."

I loved how quick & inexpensive these were to make & how super cute they came out. They were the perfect prizes for our pink & glittery (with a little bit of travel) theme. The only downside is that the white strap doesn't seem to fasten securely. You loved the luggage tags so much, we kept one for your own suitcase. I think we'll take the white strap off & just use ribbon to securely fasten the tag to your suitcase. 

I can't wait for you to travel with your glittery & pink luggage tag.

I love you so.

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