Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Toilet Paper Bride Game

Dear Em,
I have to admit, sometimes I'm jealous of your Daddy. Guys don't really have to go to showers (but they really should take showers). They don't have to pick out the perfect wedding shower or baby shower gift. They don't have to wrap it up. They don't have to go to a breakfast or a brunch or a lunch where they don't know most people just to watch someone open presents...forever. For the most part, showers are not my favorite. I had a hard time at my own showers (though I'm so incredibly thankful for them). It was hard sitting in the center of everyone- with everyone watching me- while I opened gifts for an hour. There's pressure to show the right amount of enthusiasm & gratitude while opening things- things like towels & bed sheets. I remembered feeling flushed & stressed & exhausted.

So, when your aunt Andrea decided that she would register on Honeyfund & forgo opening gifts at her shower, I thought that was the best idea ever. It also meant that an hour (or two) of her shower wouldn't be filled up with gift opening. So, as bridesmaids, we were tasked with thinking of fun activities to fill her shower with. While the photo booth became one fun activity for the guests, we also wanted to plan a couple games. One game that I knew of but had never actually seen at any of the showers I had gone to was the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game (we also played a newlywed game).

It was super simple to set up. We gave each table of ladies 3 rolls of toilet paper & asked them to choose one bride. The table had to work together designing & creating a toilet paper wedding dress for the bride in 10 minutes.

At the end of the 10 minutes we asked the "brides" to assemble in the middle of the room. We looked at them all together. I feel like we had some professional toilet paper wedding dress makers in our midst. There were toilet paper bouquets, braided belts, intricate headpieces. It was actually pretty amazing (especially since our bride mostly looked like a mummy).

So that we could all get a good look at their extravagant ($1.50) couture gowns, one by one, they runway modeled their "dresses."

There was laughter- so much laughter, but in the end, the real Bride-to-Be chose a winner.

I loved this game. Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun?

I love you so,

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