Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Shower Wednesday: Pink & Glittery Photo Booth

Dear Em,
I loved everything about mine & Daddy's wedding day...except...I really, really wish we had had a photo booth. I think our wedding mostly came before the wicked, fun photo booth craze. Instead, we put disposable cameras on all the tables for our guests to take fun photos with. After developing the photos (I know, we had to develop film back then), we got a few cute shots, but mostly we got a ton of pictures of people eating food.

Only five years later, I find myself having a case of photo booth envy as I see how unique & silly & amazing today's event photo booths are. In the beginning stages of planning your aunt Andrea's wedding shower, I begged the other girls to let me create a photo booth for the event. I'm so glad they gave in to my photo booth obsession. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole day.

Remember the sparkly pink fabric backdrop I made for your Valentine's Day photos? It actually wasn't specifically for your Valentine's Day photos. It was for Andrea's shower. The nice thing about making a photo booth is that you can reuse it again & again (I'm already imagining a princess party photo shoot). We added props for the shower. It's amazing how many free printable photo booth props you can find online. We printed out crowns & beards & mustaches & monocles on card stock paper & then used a glue gun to glue them to thin, wooden dowels. Then I grabbed some props from your dress up clothes- funny hats & boas & headbands. Other than creating the backdrop, the process was super cheap & super easy.

I used pink masking tape to hang the sparkly fabric backdrop & laid out all of the props in a basket & on a table. Soon taking pictures wasn't just taking pictures. It became a fun activity. We invited everyone to enjoy the whimsy of the photo booth. Some people didn't need the invitation. There were some (mostly the cute kids) that didn't want to leave the photo booth area. Others needed a little more urging, but in the end, everyone had fun with it. I took most of the pictures with my camera, & I also used the tripod & a timer so I could join in on the fun too. I absolutely adore the results.

It was so amazing to see so many women having fun being silly. The backdrop also created a great place to take more formal, pretty pictures. It gave us a space to take the much needed mother-daughter photo, bride & bridesmaids photo, & bride-maid of honor photo.

Notice the glitter on the champagne glasses.

You need the formal pictures for memories, but I think I preferred the fun ones with props.

Once I got home, I ordered multiple copies of the photos & had them mailed to Andrea so that she can include them with her thank you notes. I think it will be such a fun surprise as people open their thank yous to get a fun memento of the special morning we all shared together.

And that's why I think the world would be a better place if we had a photo booth at every event. I might be in love with photo booths a little much.

I love you so,

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