Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Relaxation Room

Dear Em,
A couple years ago your Aunt Jayme & I decided that instead of exchanging Christmas & birthday gifts, we would try to get together once a year for a spa day (she swears it was my idea, but I'm pretty sure she was the brilliant brains behind this fantastic idea). We had our first first spa day together last year. It was such an amazing experience to share with my best friend, & I was excited to continue our tradition.

This year Jayme had her second baby, & we didn't know if we could fit in a spa day. We had three needy & active amazing children that someone else would have to watch, & one of them was still very tiny. We are so fortunate that Jayme's family agreed to watch you all (it was a joint venture with Jayme's parents & brothers) so that we could have an afternoon off during our recent visit to Ohio.

You guys really made us work for it the morning of our spa day. There was a lot of crying & refusing to get dressed & crying. We barely made it out the door in time, but we gave kisses, said bye, & ran without looking back. Jayme's family really gave us the celebrity treatment. Her brother (which you fondly call Uncle Steve) even drove us to the spa & dropped us off right at the front door.

We changed into comfy, warm robes, poured ourselves champagne, & turned off our cell phones before we were directed to a room that was labeled: Relaxation Room. There was calm music & comfy chaise lounges & lemon infused water. We waited there until we were called in for the most incredible massages & pedicures. Then we headed back to the Relaxation Room to wait for our facials.

Jayme & I put our feet up, had uninterrupted adult conversation, sipped on champagne, & snacked on fruit & crackers & chicken salad. It was absolute perfection. I loved every second spent relaxing with my best friend, but it seemed like we had been lounging for a long time (certainly much longer than Jayme & I are used to lounging). Did we miss our facial appointments? I almost didn't want to ask. I was enjoying our time together so much.

It turns out they totally forgot that we had scheduled facials. The spa was all "we're so so so sorry. You must have been terribly bored sitting in the relaxation room for all that time. We'll find a way to rectify this situation" (our facials were actually comped). Meanwhile, I was all like, "I'm so thankful you forgot us in the Relaxation Room. This is the best room I've ever been in. Is it always so quiet & free of screaming children? Does it always smell so good? Can I stay there forever?"

After our facials, we may have returned to the Relaxation Room & waited a little bit before we called Uncle Steve to pick us up. I know I savored every last second of the relaxation room & the individual time spent chatting with my best friend.

It's bittersweet to be back home from our Ohio vacation & back into the swing of our hectic & busy & beautiful lives. Our flight home was rerouted to Boston and we finally got home in the early morning hours, the house smells like cat (Charlie had an unfortunate UTI incident while we were away), the company I work for announced a restructuring (which means more professional uncertainty), you had a 102 fever...this all just happened yesterday. I felt like my head might explode. I was texting your Aunt Jayme about how out of control I felt about my day & how our house smelled like cat pee. Her response: "I'll meet you in you in the relaxation room. It smells like relaxation. Let's live there."

I freaking love your Aunt Jayme. We'll always have the relaxation room...well, hopefully at least once a year.

I love you so,

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