Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

Dear Em,
It was September in Rhode Island, which meant it was time to go apple picking. We met Daddy after work/school one day, & went to the same orchard we've been going to since you were one. I feel such nostalgia each year we go, noticing how much you've grown since the previous year (see past years here & here).

You've got the whole apple picking thing down now, which made for a super quick apple picking excursion. Daddy kept encouraging you to go up high, deep into the tree branches, but you were happy to pick the apples that hung low on the trees. The "teeny, tiny baby" apples are your favorites, but when Daddy told you he was going to pick the biggest apple ever, the two of you competed to find & pick the biggest one.

After our bag was totally full, we found a nature trail at the Orchard we had never noticed before. We taught you about looking for colored markers on the trees to find your way on a trail, & then we let you lead the way. You had a blast, & we realized that it was probably time to start taking you on some of our hikes.

Daddy picked up some pie crusts on the way home, & you & I set to work making an apple pie. You wanted to be involved in the whole process. First, you washed the apples all by yourself. Then you colored pictures, while I peeled all the apples. You had a blast helping me use the device that cores the apples & chops them into chunks.

I thought slicing the apples into smaller pieces was going to be a task just for me, but you excitedly grabbed a plastic knife & set to work. Your knife was extremely dull, & you struggled to chop the apple slices into smaller pieces, but you didn't stop. You kept chopping until the work was done, munching on apple slices all the while. You totally dazzled me with your efforts. I really can't believe how big you're getting.

You helped me add all the other ingredients before spooning them into the pie plate. Unfortunately, you had to go to bed before the pie was done baking. Instead, we let you have a slice of apple pie for breakfast the next morning. "Other than that, it was really good, Mom," you proclaimed after eating your slice. "What does that mean? Other than what," I asked. "It means it was really good...other than that," you said matter of factly.

Ha! You sure do make me smile, little girl.

I love you so,

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