Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

Dear Em,
If you asked me mid-summer what you were going to be for Halloween, I would have been confident in answering Sofia the First. We had gotten a beautiful costume on sale, & you love Princess Sofia. Except that you really, really loved Queen Elsa from Frozen. Except Queen Elsa costumes had been out of stock since December. I can't tell you how much time I spent stalking the Disney stores & websites. You were dying to be Elsa for Halloween.

Nonnie generously offered to make you a Queen Elsa costume. We bought a pattern & fabric. Then as Nonnie walked through JC Penny in North Carolina, she hit the jack pot! She found Elsa costumes! You shrieked with sheer happiness when your costume arrived in the mail a month ago.

Since then it seems that the stores are fully stocked with the costume, because it seems like EVERY little girl is Queen Elsa this year. That doesn't diminish your sparkle at all. You are the happiest girl in the world to be able to dress up as your favorite character this year (even if it means you have to let me french braid your hair).

I took you to Narragansett for a little photo shoot a few weeks ago. With it being one of your favorite places in Rhode Island, I thought you would have a blast being your favorite queen for the camera. You were not feeling it AT ALL (we found out the next day you had an ear & sinus infection).

After a long while of begging you to stop crying & smile, I suggested you sing "Let It Go." It was just another example of how much beauty there is in letting you just be you. There was singing. There was dancing. There was smiling.

I hope everyone's Halloween is filled with as much sparkle...but maybe with less ear infections & tears.

I love you so,

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