Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkins & Pies

Dear Em,
Although we already painted little pumpkins, one of our favorite fall activities is picking out pumpkins to carve. For that we always head to Shartner Farms. It's where your Daddy went to pick out pumpkins when he was little, & he loves sharing the tradition with us.

Shartner Farms is such a fun & festive local farm to visit in the fall. They always have a giant creature made out of massive rolls of hay & rustic natural decor  everywhere. I love taking in all the fresh farm smells & bright colors.

There were tons of pumpkins to choose from outside, & warm, freshly baked goodies inside. It took us forever to find just the right pumpkins for you, Daddy, & I. This year you picked one on the smaller side. You called it your little, baby pumpkin (which you've told Daddy & I we must carve into a princess).

We also added a couple yummy pies to our cart. I think Shartner Farms is going to be our new go-to place for our pie purchases. They were amazing!

You loved buckling in your pumpkin to keep it safe for the ride home.

It was such a fun fall family excursion, one that maybe you will continue when you have a family of your own someday.

I love you so,

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