Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Saying Yes to the Dress

Dear Em,
It's sometimes difficult to find child appropriate TV shows that aren't cartoons. Your Uncle Jared couldn't understand why all we watched was home improvement shows this summer. We're pretty much confined to home improvement, cooking, & sports TV during the hours that you're awake.

As I was flipping through the channels one day, Say Yes to the Dress came on. A show about weddings & fashion is right up your alley. I was just excited to find something on that wasn't about demolishing a bathroom & was also child appropriate. You & I snuggled together & watched a couple episodes. Daddy ran for the hills.

You were enchanted, very active in telling me what dresses you thought looked great & which ones you didn't like at all. I shouldn't have been surprised that you love the pink dresses. I, on the other hand, can't believe that adult brides actually wear pink wedding gowns. You love the ball gowns, the exact opposite of what I wanted for my wedding day.

You turned to me very seriously, & told me, "I'm going to have a princess dress that has bling on it, lots of sparkles and princess." I can't say that I really relate to the women who want to be a Disney princess on their wedding day, but you are your own little woman. I know when the day comes, I'll love you in whatever makes you happy (in a way I truly hope your taste will change).

The other night you asked if you could play Say Yes to the Dress. You went through your dress-up clothes rack, choosing dresses that were...well...original wedding dresses. I tried to be a good Say Yes to the Dress Mommy, asking you what you thought about each dress before weighing in myself.

"This one is too ruffly," you disapproved of the first one. I kept my hopes that you wouldn't wear a pink or purple wedding dress to myself.

"Hmmmm, this is just not the one," you said of your Aurora costume. I was shocked. This has become your go to dress. It's a princess dress with it's pink. If that dress wasn't the one, would you be able to say yes to any dress?

Next you ran into my room wearing the cranberry dress my cousin Michaela wore in my wedding. Because it was worn in a wedding, you think it's a wedding dress. "Hmmm, it's too long & just not the right one," you mused.

Finally, you came running in your dance recital costume. My first thought was that out of all of the outfits, this one looked the least like a wedding dress. You squealed. "Oh, I think this is the one. Mommy, I think it's time for me to get jacked up." "Jacked up" is the terminology they use on the show to indicate it's time to put on fancy jewelry & a veil to put together the whole bridal look. 

I went through our house, grabbing elements to "jack you up." I found my wedding veil & one of the bouquets my bridesmaids held. I grabbed a crown & necklaces & shoes from your dress up clothes. You closed your eyes as I put it all on you. When you opened your eyes, you jumped for joy. "This is it! This is the one!" I smiled as I asked you, "are you saying yes to the dress?" You emphatically said "yes!"

Then you demanded I marry you. Sigh. I hope so many things for you. I hope that your taste evolves & your future wedding dress looks nothing like your dance recital costume. I hope you learn that you can't demand that people marry you (certainly not people who are already married &/or are related to you). Most of all, I hope we have a while before it's truly time to say yes to the dress. 

I love you so,

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