Thursday, October 30, 2014

TBT: Ledyard Girls

Dear Em,
These are some of the ladies I went to elementary school, middle school, & high school with. I played on playgrounds with these girls. I was in band with these girls. I shared classes with these girls. I passed notes with these girls. I stayed up all night at sleepovers with theses girls. I cheered with these girls.

1994 (I think)

As a Navy Brat, Ledyard, Connecticut was the town I lived in for the longest growing up. We moved after my sophomore year of high school, & I lost touch with a lot of my girlfriends. One of the best things about facebook was I was able to reconnect with a lot of my old friends. 

Amazingly, some of us still didn't live very far from Ledyard. Four years ago, we planned to reconnect in person. Some of us had littles of our own, & we thought it would be a blast to get everyone together. We originally planned an outdoor meeting place. With a hurricane on it's way, we changed our plans around & met at one of our houses for a couple hours. Catching up was the best. I truly enjoyed learning about what these ladies had been up to through the years while our littles played together on the floor.


We enjoyed our mini reunion so much, we planned to get together a year later. This time we met at Buttonwood Farm. It was the perfect spot to let four littles run around while their Mommies caught up. Watching all of you littles play together made my heart so incredibly happy. I felt like we were building a new generation of Ledyard friends. You were two & so teeny, but you wanted to climb all over the hay bales in the worst way. Little T was your hero. Watching him pull you up the stack of hay made my heart melt. While you all played I enjoyed every second of catching up with my old friends.


The next year we returned to Buttonwood Farm. You looked forward to playing with your little friends. You were bigger this time, & you & T worked together to pull some of the smaller kids up the haystacks. The adults let the littles lead us through the corn maze. You each took a turn being the leader. We both enjoyed the fun & adorable morning spent catching up with friends.


We met at Buttonwoods again this past weekend. This year's group was our biggest group yet. We had 7 kids & 7 adults! I have to say, it was a little bit hectic corralling all you kids to the same activity. There were corn pits & duck races & corn mazes & hay stacks & cow trains & tractor rides & cows to feed. There was so much fun to be had, & the littles ran in a million directions. You had a major meltdown in the corn maze (corn mazes rarely go very well for us). It was almost impossible to get a group picture of the 7 littles. We did squeeze in a group shot of everyone. The nice man who took a group picture of all of us even said, "not everyone was smiling, but everyone is in the picture."

This was as good as it gets for the littles group shot.

I really look forward to & enjoy our Fall tradition. It's amazing how our group keeps growing & growing. I love getting to catch up with the girls I grew up with, & I love that you enjoy catching up with their littles.

I love you so,

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