Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Crazy Hair Day

Dear Em,
This week is spirit week at your school. I remember loving spirit week when I was younger. Honestly, any phrase with the word "spirit" in it is probably my jam (I was a cheerleader, after all). I remember looking forward to spirit days & planning out with precision what I was going to wear. Back then I had all the time in the world to plan.

These days, things like having a career & taking care of a child & a home kind of get in the way of my spirit week planning. So as I lay down in bed the night before it was Crazy Hair day at your school, I realized we hadn't even thought about what kind of crazy hair we would give you.

My best friend Ali sends me amazing little girl hair ideas. I think she sends them mostly just to tease me. Your hair probably seems stylish, but I'm only competent with the simplest of hair styles. The first few times I tried to give you a french braid ended up with you screaming & crying. Since then you run away & hide anytime you hear the word braid. In fact, your favorite hair style (two half pony tails) is something you like to call "fast & easy." You request it on a daily basis.

When Ali sends me these amazing hair styles, I mostly laugh at how they're never going to exist for you & I (seriously, I thought about bringing you to a hair dresser for this year's Halloween Elsa hair). BUT...then came Crazy Hair Day. I'm not going to lie, this spirit day stressed me out a little bit. Of course, Ali had sent me a link of fun Halloween hairstyles a while back that I laughed at & thought "no way, Jose."

So there I was, the night before Crazy Hair Day, scouring the internet trying to find the link (& hoping & praying one of the hairstyles was something I could do without you screaming & crying). Ali kindly resent the link. I took screen shots of a few I could maybe pull off. When you woke up the next morning, I left it up to you, & you chose one that looked like a spider web. I said a little prayer & hoped for the best.

Luckily, there were very few ouches & no tears. While the hair style actually wasn't challenging to execute, it was time consuming. I ended up giving you my phone & you looked at photos just so you would sit still while I worked. It took a lot of little hair elastics & a lot of time. Since I hadn't woken you up any earlier than usual, we were running a little late. I barely had time to take photos of the end result as Daddy pushed you out the door.

I have to say, we didn't do so bad for our first Crazy Hair Day (thanks to Ali). You loved your do & were so excited to show all your teachers & friends that day. I was just glad to participate in a little bit of spirit.

Unfortunately, it took almost as long to take your hair down as it did to put it up. So, I don't see us recreating that masterpiece anytime soon. In fact, even after all the fun of yesterday, you were very happy to request your "fast & easy" style when it came time to do your hair this morning.

I love you so,

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