Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bedtime Books with Charlie

Dear Em,
There are cats out there that could care less about their owners. We have a cat like that, and his name is Joey. He mostly hibernates in the basement. He comes up to be pet when he's feeling like being pet. He loves us when it's time to eat. He's a grump, but he's our cat. So, we continue to house him & feed him & love him from a distance.

Charlie is different. Charlie likes to be part of whatever is going on in the family. He's in whatever room we're in (except when he have company, he's skittish around other people). He lets me dress him up in costumes, although he doesn't love it. For as long as I can remember, after I would tuck you into bed at night, Charlie would lay outside of your door until your daddy & I went to bed. It's like he was trying to guard you each night.

Since Charlie went on his outside adventure, he can't seem to get close enough to us. He doesn't want to just be part of our family, he wants to be in the middle of it. Instead of sleeping next to me, Charlie now likes to sleep on top of me (it's not the most comfortable). When we sit down to eat dinner, I often find him sitting in my chair behind my back. The other day I set up your craft table & Charlie sat in your seat as if he was ready to begin painting along with you. During Patriots games, Charlie joins us with his Patriots jersey on. I'm pretty sure he hates the jersey & the noise of us screaming, but he puts up with it. He also no longer waits for me to tuck you in. Now he's apart of that too.

For the past few months, Charlie has joined us for bedtime books. He finds his way into your room as we're picking out books to read. He jumps up onto your bed as you & I snuggle under the covers. He lays there while we read, often snuggling into us to be pet. After we finish reading & I begin to tuck you in, Charlie jumps off the bed. Sometimes he sits guard outside your door & sometimes he comes downstairs to the living room to sleep at mine & Daddy's feet.

It's pretty freaking cute. I can't imagine our home without Charlie being in the middle of it. He's like our sweet, little dog, but he's our cat. Daddy & I aren't sure if we'll ever get an actual dog. We talk about how nice it would be to have a dog to love. We think about bringing a dog to the park & watching the two of you play & grow up together. Then we remember the mess & the responsibility that comes with a dog. So, if we never give you a dog (or a sibling), I'm glad that at least we were able to give you a Charlie to love & to play with & to read bedtime books to.

I love you so,

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