Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snowmageddon 2015

Dear Em,
I don't like the cold. I prefer to be warm & cozy. As much as I love warm Rhode Island summers, the frigidly cold winters can be tough for me to take. There is a bright spot to my winter blues, however, & that is snow. We hadn't gotten much snow this year. We had the occasional dusting that either melted or turned into sleet before you even got home from school. But then there was Snowmageddon 2015.

It was our first real snow of the year, & it was a blizzard. We were so excited, that we went outside to play in the snow just after it had begun to fall. The snow had just started to cover the ground, but it was enough for us. We sledded down the driveway, & you made tons of snow angels (your very favorite thing to do).

When we returned inside our warm house, your cheeks were rosy. Daddy made us hot cocoa heaped with marshmallows. You happily drank yours all up before telling Grandma & Papa all about the fun on the phone. "Mommy did the playing & Daddy did the picture taking," you told them as you smiled ear to ear.

It was supposed to snow heavily all the next day. You couldn't wait to play in the snow. Unfortunately, Daddy & I still had to work from home. I tried to give you activities to do while we got our work done. You did some facetiming.

You played Say Yes to the Dress. It got a little scary for a moment, but you finally found a dress you could say yes to.

You worked on puzzles.

We finally all went outside to play. There was over two feet of snow on the ground. There was so much snow, it was hard to walk around. After less than an hour of sledding & snow angel making & just trying to walk around the yard, we were all exhausted. We headed inside with rosy cheeks to drink more hot cocoa.

The next day, school was canceled again. You were starting to get frustrated with Daddy & I having to work on a snow day while you were cooped up inside. Believe me, it is challenging for all of us when Daddy & I have to work from home while you're home. You were cranky. We decided to skip playing in the snow & snuggled while watching a movie instead.

Saturday was the first day off for all of us, & we were all ready to spend some serious quality time with the snow. It was one of the coldest days of the year. The wind hurt as it whipped across our faces, but we were determined to have family fun anyway. We headed to my old middle school. Next to it stands my favorite snow hill from my childhood. Your best friend joined us for the freezing fun. We brought snow tubes & a big orange tabbogan that my siblings & had sledded on when we were growing up.

The next hour was absolutely freezing & so much fun.

The hill was steep. Crawling was the easiest way for you to make your way up.

We all flew down the hill, & you loved every moment of it.

We returned to the car to warm up with some hot cocoa.

As I type this, it is snowing...again. I've been on the phone for hours trying to rearrange travel plans, & Daddy is not looking forward to digging out our driveway...again. Still, you woke up this morning, threw open the curtains, & squealed in happiness at the sight of the freshly falling snow. It helped me to remember my own childhood wonder of the freezing & slippery stuff. Thank goodness for you & the smiles that snow brings to your face.

I love you so,

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