Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015 Recap

Dear Em,
We had fun, low-key, snowy Valentine's Day celebrations. You were so excited to wake up Friday, because it was the day you got to hand your Valentines out to your friends & classmates. Even Lamby & Bitty Baby were all dressed for the special occasion.

When I picked you up from school, you were bubbling with excitement & chattered adorably about all the fun you had at school. You were so tickled & surprised that Daddy & I had included a Valentine in your lunch box, & told me all about the Valentines you also received from your little classmates.

While I finished up a few work items, you & Daddy were secretly working on a project together. "Don't come downstairs," you firmly told me again & again. When I was finally admitted downstairs, you & Daddy had planned a wonderful Valentine's Day surprise (& you couldn't wait until the next day to give it to me). The two of you took a number of pictures that led me on a scavenger hunt throughout the house. At the end of the hunt, there was this...

Your precious words brought tears to my eyes. I tackled you into a hug first, & then we invited Daddy to join us in one, great, big group hug. You two are the best Valentine's a gal could ever have. We ate dinner together that night & then went through all your Valentines, letting you read the words of each one to us.

The next morning, you woke up early & excited. You came into our bed to snuggle, a big smile plastered across your face as you gave us our Olaf Valentines. With a blizzard in the forecast, we swapped our traditional Valentine's Day dinner at Taco Bell for Valentine's Day lunch at Taco Bell.

Big, chunky snowflakes had begun to fall by the time we finished lunch, & you tried to catch the snow flakes in your hands & on your tongue as we headed to URI, the place where Daddy first become my Valentine.

We met up with friends, & went to your very first URI basketball game. I was surprised. You were really into the game for the first quarter. You adorably cheered along with all the Rhode Island cheers. By the second quarter (as suspected), you started to get antsy. "Mom, why didn't you tell me basketball was so boring," you asked me solemnly. I gave you my phone & asked you to take pictures of the best parts of the game. What a surprise, most of your photos were of the cheerleaders & not the basketball players.

After the halftime show, you & I went for a walk. We picked up a megaphone & two pompoms for my cute, little cheerleader. You cheered with your props as we walked back to our seats, leaving the people around us to laugh & smile. When we got back to our seats, you cheered & danced & screamed & whipped your pompoms around. "Mom, I don't even need the megaphone. I'm really loud without it!" Ha! It's true. I got quite a few looks from Daddy as he got whipped in the face with your pompoms & you screamed in his face with your megaphone. It's possible Daddy was taking applications for new Valentines. Still, we had a fun time at the game, on the campus where our little family first became a possibility.

The snow was still falling quietly on the ground as we drove home, & we snuggled in under blankets to watch movies for the rest of the night.

It was the perfect, simple Valentine's Day with my two favorite Valentines. Being a wife & a mom has been one of the greatest joys of my life, & I'm beyond blessed to share my home & my life & my heart with two of the most amazing people I know. I love my forever Valentines.

I love you so,

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