Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Best Gal Pals

Dear Em,
A few weeks ago, Daddy was driving you to school, & you shared a very serious concern with him. "Daddy, I don't think Mommy has any friends in Rhode Island." You took Daddy a little by surprise & he tried not to laugh at your worry. "What do you mean? Of course, Mommy has friends in Rhode Island," your daddy assured you. "Then how come every time we go to visit Mommy's best friends it takes forever to get there? I think we need to help Mommy get friends in Rhode Island."

Ha! Out of the mouths of babes. I'm so lucky to have amazing friends that have been there for me & made me smile, many of them in Rhode Island. However, there are three ladies that have been there for me through my annoying teenaged hormones, the highs & lows of college, & beginning to learn what being an adult means to me. They held my hands during wedding planning, & threw me one amazing bachelorette party (& bridal shower). When I have trouble deciding between outfit A & outfit B, they help me pick the better choice. We talk beauty tricks & parenting tips. They're the ones I turn to when I completely fall on my face & am sure I have failed as a wife & mother forever. They're always there to listen to me vent, assure me that the sun will come out eventually, & make me laugh. They take me as I am, while encouraging me to be the best version of me. And they've done all of this from hundreds of miles away.

It's true every time we go to visit your Aunt Ali, Aunt Colleen, or Aunt Jayme, we're either going on a long road trip or plane ride. While I talk to these ladies on the phone or via texts almost everyday, it's much less frequently that we're able to get together...& much less frequently that we are able to get together as just the girls. In fact, I think the last time that Col & Ali & I had a just-us-girls weekend- was more than three years ago.

Your Aunt Jayme has lived the farthest away, but we've been lucky & made a big effort to get together at least twice a year...with kids & pregnancies galore. As Mommys, our visits together sometimes look like this...

Through the tantrums & pediatric germs & the overtired children, I love every single visit we get to have together, because is there anything more amazing than sharing all of that with your best friend?

Still, the last time Jayme & I were together for a whole weekend without children (or pregnancies) was the weekend of mine & Daddy's wedding...almost 6 & 1/2 years ago.

I think a fun girls weekend with my besties might be overdue.

And that's why I couldn't be more freaking excited that I get to see all three of my ladies this weekend! We're having a girls weekend in Chicago. It's my first time in Chicago & the first time I get to be surrounded by all three of my favorite gal pals without children since my wedding. It might be frigidly cold, but I have my girls- & quite possibly lots of champagne- to keep me warm.

I love you so,

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