Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Man, it feels good to be home

Dear Em,
"Mommy, my love goes underneath the ground & in the flowers when they grow. It reaches all the way up in the sky. It bounces to the moon & the stars & Jupiter & Saturn & Mars. That's how much I love you more."
- Emma, 5 years old

I'm back from Chicago. I actually got back late Sunday night/Monday morning. Yesterday was...rough. It seems with every year that passes, it gets harder & harder for me to bounce back after trips...especially trips as jam packed with fun & adventure as my Chicago trip was.

My head was pounding when I picked you up from school. We headed home, I made oatmeal for dinner, & we got into bed for snuggles & a movie You promised me you were going to take care of me. You rubbed my back & told me how very much you loved me. We just enjoyed being back together. It...was...perfect.

Chicago was amazing, but, man, it feels so good to be home.

I love you so,

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