Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl 49 (AKA your first time staying awake past 10pm)

Dear Em,
We moved into our house almost six years ago. This home has seen a lot of heartache in the months of January & February ever since. Not just because it's winter, our least favorite New England season, but because we've suffered through some gut wrenching Patriots playoffs losses during those months. It took five long years for you to see your first Patriots Superbowl Championship. The best part is that you actually saw it. We let you stay up for your very first late night sporting event (we will likely be paying for it this week), & I'm so glad we did. Victories are so much sweeter when we get to share them with you.

We made lots of yummy food & put our jerseys on before game time. You watched opening ceremonies & the kick-off, but then you headed into the family room to watch cartoons & movies. You joined us as you heard Daddy & I cheering for each Patriots touchdown (which did not happen as often as you liked). I picked you up, & we would run a loop around our downstairs- one loop for each touchdown. You slapped Daddy high fives as we passed him each time, cheering all the way.

You snuggled in with us to watch the Katy Perry half time show. You loved it, singing along with some of the songs. Your favorite part was when surfboards, beach balls, & sharks danced & sang along to the lyrics.

The Patriots were tied at this point. "It's an emergency," you declared. "I didn't dress my girls in their Patriots outfits. I have to dress them in their Patriots outfits, & then the Patriots will get one touchdown, two touchdowns, three touchdowns, four touchdowns, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten." You counted the touchdowns you were sure they would score off on your fingers.

Unfortunately, that didn't seem to do the trick. The Patriots were down by ten points when the fourth quarter began. Daddy moved to a dining room chair he was sitting in when the Patriots won against the Ravens. I put on my Patriots beanie that I had worn when the Patriots won against the Lions. You, our little lucky charm, joined me on the couch for the last quarter. Even Charlie laid down in his lucky spot.

We watched the Patriots bring the ball down the field & score two touchdowns. You were thrilled. You were sure your team was going to win. I shook my head in fear. "They left the Seahawks with too much time. If the Seahawks score now, we won't have enough time to get the ball back. We'll lose."

Those words left my mouth, & we watched my prediction come to life. Daddy grew more & more frustrated. With very little time left, it was almost inevitable that the Seahawks would score. All they had to do was run the ball into the endzone. Daddy walked away defeated, frustration & sadness painted across his face. You had mostly given up on the Patriots too, sitting on the floor with your American Girl Dolls. You were practicing the "after Superbowl show" your girls would be performing.

I was the only one watching that next play. I couldn't believe my eyes when the Seahawks threw (instead of just running) the ball & the Patriots intercepted it. I just started screaming. I picked you up & twirled you around. Daddy came running back over to the TV, & we all cheered together. When the Patriots had officially won, you & I ran ten loops around our house, giving Daddy ten high fives as we went.

"This was the best night ever," you exclaimed as you put on your "Superbowl ring" (which we had gotten from a package of grocery store cupcakes). Between staying up until 10pm for the very first time (we are so going to have to pay for this later this week), watching our Patriots play & win in the championship game, & getting to celebrate together, I had to agree with you. It was a great night.

Thanks for sharing it all with us last night & for being the Patriots' lucky charm.

I love you so,

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