Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear Em,
I was kind of a mess in high school. Let me clarify. I was a good student. I was organized. I balanced school activities, sports activities, church activities, & volunteer activities. On paper, I had it all together. In real life, I was a teenager. I was a swirling, emotional mess. When I look back now, I can't even remember most of the things that troubled me in my teen years. It honestly seems so silly now, but I vaguely remember crying on the phone with my girlfriends on a pretty regular basis.

The phone was practically glued to my ear as I talked to these two girls specifically during the last 2 years of high school.
Your nonnie sewed that slit in my dress.
Can't you tell we were the coolest girls in school? Ok, maybe not.

When I think about everything I've been through with these girls, I a) start to feel really old & b) have to thank God for putting them in my life. We've really grown up together. We've been there for each other during: the last years of high school. the college hunt, high school graduation, college, turning 20 (& 21), break-ups, grad school, becoming professionals, my marriage, changing jobs, my pregnancy, having you, turning many things.

High School Graduation: We look so...little. My hair looks...awful.
Goofing Around: Wow, I've had some
interesting hair choices.
Bride & her Bridesmaids
Our most recent picture: Guess
whose 30th we were celebrating.

Clearly, we may have grown older but we haven't exactly grown up.

I can't say we've never fought. These girls expect the best from me & I from them, & sometimes we don't always agree. But, somehow we've grown up together without growing apart. We've each changed so much over the years, but when we get together so much remains the same. I've been so blessed to have such special girlfriends in life, & these girls are two of my oldest, nearest & dearest best friends.

This weekend we're having a girls weekend!! It's my very first girls only weekend since you were born...actually, since my bachelorette party. I'll be thinking of you & missing you all weekend long, but I'm going to rock Washington D.C.- with my girls. Don't you think there's something so amazing about a whole weekend devoted to girl talk?

I hope when you grow up, you share your life with a few amazing girlfriends. I hope that you all see the beauty in each other, & you encourage each other to shine.  I'm so thankful for my beautiful, strong, & supportive girlfriends.

Can I tell you a secret? You're my very best girlfriend of all.

I love you so,
*Readers, what your favorite location for a girls weekend?*

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