Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, Mr. Sun

Dear Em,
I love so many thing about New England, but the long & cold winters are hard to bear at times. I know that technically winter doesn't start until the end of December, but it creeps in on us in New England much earlier on the calendar. This was seen this year in the snow storm that froze us...some of our friends in other states are just now getting their power back. The storm was an early reminder of what is to come.

And then the clouds parted & the sun came out, one last warm reminder of the summer sun. The warmth feels like angel kisses on my cheeks. This week has been a week to play in the leaves, roll down the windows, & breath in the fresh air. We're hoping the sun lingers long enough for us to go for a bike ride & trip to the park on Saturday.

We bought the Specialized: Vita this
summer & I heart this bike

I'm so thankful that we had this week. It will probably be the last before we have to wrap ourselves in coats & scarves, rushing from our cars to indoors. This week we had the sun & I'm so thankful for every warm ray.

I love you so,

* Readers, what did you do to enjoy the sunshine this week? *

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