Sunday, November 20, 2011

fantasy football

Our first family football Sunday, January 2010.

Dear Em,
We are a football family, a Patriots football family to be precise. You were less than a week old the first time you donned your Tom Brady Jersey. It looked like more of a dress on you than a jersey back then. Your daddy, wearing his matching jersey, held you with so much pride.

During the months of September through February you can find us at home most Sunday afternoons. Actually, football was the whole reason we got our first DVR. It made your daddy so sad to miss a Patriots game. The DVR made it possible for us to leave the house on a Sunday afternoon without giving your daddy stress pains.

Ready to cheer for the Patriots, September 2010.
Your daddy is really into all professional football games. I haven't had a big enough attention span to watch the games with teams I don't care about...until this year. Your Daddy has been playing fantasy football for a few years. He & his friends draft players online & manage their own fantasy teams. Their league is just too cool for girls. So, I spent the past few years laughing at your daddy as he lives & dies with his fantasy players...until I got the chance to join my own league. Now your daddy is laughing just as hard at me.

Each week I agonize. Do I start Philip Rivers or Cam Newton? Which defense has an easier matchup? Is Arian Foster actually going to play? I finally understand what your daddy has been going through for years. We play in different leagues & different teams, but we share some of the same players. I'm not going to lie. When Matt Forte has a good game, your daddy & I may be doing touchdown dances in our living room.

It's become something that your daddy & I can share on Sundays. There are so many differences between your daddy & I. It's nice to start off the week with something we can enjoy together. I'm thankful that this is something we can enjoy & share together. Of course, it's made that much sweeter when you join our touchdown dancing exclaiming, "yay, Tom Brady!" You pretty much think that anytime we cheer during a football game, it's for Tom Brady.

It truly is a family event. I heart our family football Sundays.

Our third season as a family of three, September 2011.

I love you so,

*Readers, what are your Sunday traditions? *

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