Tuesday, November 22, 2011

shopping with kids

Dear Em,
I used to be able to shop...really shop. Time was not a concern. I could try on clothing until my heart's content & take my time scrutinizing multiple options. I could literally shop until I dropped.

Those days are over.

I have the cutest little shopping buddy now but patience is not a strength of my shopping buddy. When we shop together, we race in & we race out. If I'm lucky, we leave with what we went in for. There's no time for trying on clothes, comparing options, & browsing.

Thank goodness for online shopping. Last week week, I stayed home with you because you were sick. I was able to find great deals for clothes for you, Christmas ornaments for family, stocking stuffers, & Christmas presents for friends. I found this & have been crushing on it for our entry-way ever since. I was able to check customer reviews & check out without even having to brush my teeth.

Some things I've learned about online shopping:
- For most of the stores I shop from, there are frequent sales. I try to wait for the sales. If there is no sale, I google online coupon codes.
- A lot of stores either offer flat free shipping or free shipping after spending a certain amount of money. Free shipping & we don't have to spend any money on gas, that's a win win for me.
- Amazon.com is an amazing place to shop from. Last December there was an offer for three free months of Amazon Prime to all parents. That includes free two day shipping. Birthday party this weekend? No problem, there are tons of things to choose from on Amazon (for good prices). I've shopped Amazon so much, they extended my Amazon Prime membership the whole year.
- Etsy.com has so many unique products that make super fun gifts (some gifts I've kept for myself).
- If you have to make a return & the store is in your area, sometimes it's easier to go directly to the store to make the return.
- Once you order from a store, they often mail you their catalogues & deals.

I'm so thankful for online shopping. All the time I save by buying online means more fun time with my favorite girl.

I love you so,

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