Wednesday, November 23, 2011

our second year favorites (part two)

Dear Em,
You have a lot of a lot a lot. Your teacher, Miss S, says you need to get your sillies out. I think that's just a nice way of saying that you have a tough time sitting still. Many of our favorite things this year have been things that you can do. We've cherished these things that help burn some energy & get your sillies out.

Here are some of our favorites...

Ball Pit
Daddy & Em in the ball pit.
Your ball pit was your first present from Santa. Santa's elf bought it from pretty inexpensively (I think it was around $30). We didn't want one that we had to blow up. We were concerned about kitty claws & wear over time. The one that we got was perfect, & it folds up into a small size when we're someday done with it. The expensive part of the ball pit was the balls. Santa's elf bought 200 balls at first. When we looked in the pit, it was less than half full. So, I ordered 200 more balls a couple weeks after Christmas, & the pit was so full that the balls were tumbling out. The ball pit has been a big hit for you & your friends (& our friends) since the first day, & you continue to jump & laugh & play in it. We love your ball pit, but there are a few frustrating things about it. 1) While you seem thrilled to play with the balls inside the ball pit, your friends seem to prefer to have the balls outside of the pit. We've spent a lot of time refilling the ball pit. 2) It takes up a lot of space. I'm looking forward to when we do your bedroom redo & move you into the bigger bedroom. The ball pit will be moving right along with you.

Roller Coaster
As a 1.5 birthday present, your Nonnie & Papi got you an Step2 Extreme Coaster. We had a smaller coaster which was fun, but it was difficult for you to get on & off of it. This coaster is amazing. You can safely sit on it, swiftly coast down (all smiles), & then push the coaster back up the track to do it all again. As an added bonus, it holds up to 200 pounds. So, your daddy & I can ride the coaster too (although my bum doesn't fit quite as comfortably as yours). We have had so many lovely afternoons playing with your coaster. It's fun for you to take turns with friends too.

I grew up loving trampolines but never having one. I told myself that as soon as I had my own yard, I would have a trampoline to put in it. Nonnie & Papi bought me one for my birthday a few years ago, & we all love it. You learned how to jump off the ground with both feet before you were one, & I think the trampoline is a big part of that. Before you turned one, you would go on the trampoline with your little friend S. It was hard for you to even stay sitting up while she was jumping around you. Now it's so cute to watch you both jump together. It's such a fun way to get our energy & our sillies out. I have dreams of you learning back handsprings & cheerleading jumps on the trampoline someday.

Cozy Coupe
I feel like everyone I know has grown up with a little tike car. I was shocked to learn that your daddy never had one. There are pictures of me driving mine when I was your age. I couldn't wait for you to drive your own. Your grandma & papa got you one for Easter (I know 1.5 birthdays & huge Easter gifts. You're the first grandchild on both sides & a little bit spoiled), & we have so much fun with your Cozy Coupe. It was an indoor car for a month or so when it was still so frigid to spend much time outdoors. Once the spring sunshine warmed the air, we put some serious miles on your Cozy Coupe. We pushed you in it during family walks around the neighborhood, & you did donuts in the driveway. We're still in the process of teaching you to use your own feet to drive your car, & we're glad it's a car that you can grow into.

Little Red Wagon
I think every child should have access to a little red wagon. I remember trying to use ours to coast down our street when I was a little girl. We bought you this one last summer so we would have something to pull you and your little friends in. We took the wagon on walks in the neighborhood, used it to tote all of our things to the beach, went for walks in Narragansett, & went on one fabulous outlet shopping marathon. Now you want to be the one to pull the wagon. Who knows what places the wagon will go in the future. Maybe someday we'll have a second little love to pull in there with you.

I love that this year was full of outside fun & activities. I'm thankful for every moment we were able to spend having fun, breathing the fresh air, letting out some energy, & getting out our sillies. Luckily, all of these things are things you can grow with. So, I look forward to a whole new year of outside fun with all of these things.

I love you so,

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