Thursday, November 17, 2011

i'm a twilight mom?

I can't help it. He's so dreamy.
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Dear Em,
The strange thing about getting older is it's no longer socially acceptable to do the things you did in the past. Somehow, at the adult age of 27, I became obsessed with a teeny-bopper phenomenon. It's not ok & it's totally embarrassing, but I heart the Twilight Saga.

I blame the entire thing on your aunt Andrea. She came to me one day and said, "Have you heard of Twilight? I REALLY need you to get into it with me." I was living at your grandma & papa's house at the time, & it seemed really strange to me that your aunt was always stealing away to read. Normally she & I would chat or watch TV together, but she was always in her room reading.

I told her that I'm really not into the whole vampire-werewolf scene, but the week the first movie came out on DVD, she begged me to watch it with her. So, I said "what the heck," & so began my first embarrassing, teeny-bopper obsession. I admit, I didn't even think the first movie was that great, but the next thing I knew I read 2,457 pages (4 books) in less than a week. During the last two books, I forgot about primitive things like eating & sleeping altogether.

Your Daddy woke up at in the middle of the night to find me missing from our bed. He wandered into the living room and found me reading on the couch. "Julie, it's almost 4am! Don't you think you should get some sleep," he asked with concern in his voice. "You're not my Dad. I'll do what I want," I shouted back as I turned the next page.

I love to read, but with these books, I couldn't stop reading. Has that ever happened to you? Have you found a book or set of books that you just could not put down? Just like your aunt Andrea, I had to share my obsession with others. I got your aunt Gina, aunt Jennie, & J to read the set (which they also loved). I even got your nonnie to watch the movies with me. The second movie came out in theaters a month before you born. I was in the theater the day the movie came out feeling huge & uncomfortable & having to pee the whole time...& I loved every moment of it.

That's when your aunt Gina showed me a t-shirt she found online that had the words "Twilight Mom" written across it. A sense of embarrassment (for me & you) spread throughout my body. But I guess if the shirt fits, right?

The fourth movie comes out tomorrow. This one has a wedding & a baby...two of my fav things! So, today, among so many other things, I am thankful for the Twilight Saga.

Unfortunately for you, I know that this will not be the only way in which I am embarrassing to you. Sorry in advance.

I love you so,

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