Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cyber Fears

Dear Em,
I spent last night watching the movies Cyberbully & Trust. Both movies gave me nightmares & made me wish you wouldn't have access to the internet until you are 30. I know that's not realistic, but it's scary. For a person who didn't have internet until college (except at some friends' houses) & didn't have a cell phone until I was in grad school, the cyber world for a teenager is a scary & new thing for me. It used to be that to keep someone out of your home, all you had to do was not invite them in. Things have so rapidly changed.

I know you're two & I have some time before we have to worry about cyber bullies & online sexual predators, but they're already added to my list of things I'm most frightened of (it's insane how much my list of fears have changed since becoming a mother). I hope that when the time comes, I will know what to do to best protect you as a parent. I hope I can protect & support you.

Parents out there, what are you doing to protect your kids?

I love you so,


  1. Julie this is also a huge fear of mine...what will I do. MY husband and i have a list of rules in our head that we say we will adhere using your laptop in family areas...never in your room with door closed, and keeping things like phones, Ipods, and computers charged overnight downstairs away from bedrooms so there is no sneaking and do things when you are not suppose to..but even with all the rules who knows what they will get into when we just turn our heads for one minute..everyday I pray Lord help me to be the best example..I can only pray that my kids my wise decisions and do what they can to also protect themselves...parenting is such hard work, but it's strengthens your faith walk I believe because you have to trust God with the ones that are closet to your heart...tear tear

  2. Those are some really good ideas, Sherrie. Thanks for sharing them. I didn't think about making sure electronics are charged outside of the bedroom.


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