Monday, January 16, 2012

Goodbye Overalls

Dear Em,
We hit another milestone. I guess it's not a real milestone, but it's a big milestone for me: your last time wearing overalls (for a while at least).

When I was pregnant with you, I couldn't wait to put cute little OshKosh B'Gosh overalls on you. You wore your very first pair before you were 3 months old. It was a cute blue, rose patterned pair of overalls, one of my very favorite hand-me-downs. Remember hanging out with your friends at the gym? Yeah, those were the days.

As you grew, your overalls grew too. We had overalls with a heart embroidered on them, overalls with a flower embroidered on them, pink striped overalls with an embroidered butterfly & finally overalls with hearts all over them. Your overalls were our fall, winter, spring go-to outfit. They went with almost any top. They were perfect for jumping & swinging & tickles & wagon rides & reading & crawling & climbing.

They were even perfect for matching overall days with your friends.

This summer, I went to the Carter's outlet. As I searched through the racks for a pair of fall/winter overalls, I noticed the biggest size was 24 months. What the heck?! Then I really thought about it. This year we would be tackling potty training, & I'm sure unclasping your overalls wouldn't make the process any easier. So, I bought you what I knew would probably be your last pair of overalls for a while, & planned to make the most of them this fall/winter.

Now that you're two, your overalls are starting to look a little short. I'm honestly surprised they lasted this long with how tall you are. So, last week I put your overalls on, & with tears in my eyes told your Daddy that this would be your very last time wearing them. Who knew saying bye to overalls would be so hard?

Sigh, I'm going to miss your overall cuteness.

I love you so,

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