Monday, January 23, 2012

stomach bugs

Dear Em,
The stomach bug hit our house this weekend, & it hit us hard. You...Daddy...Me...the bug left no one in our house safe. This weekend was spent feeling miserable, getting sick, taking multiple baths (one of which occurred at 12am after I found you sleeping in your own vomit. You asked if you could call Nonnie & Papi during your bath. You clearly have no sense of time), cleaning & re-cleaning our bedding, watching movies, & crying.

Daddy was so sick, he didn't make it out of the bedroom on Sunday (except to be sick in the bathroom). So, it was sick me & sick you on Sunday, & you had strong love-hate feelings for me. In one moment you wanted me to hold you close & never let you go. In the next moment you were hitting me & telling me to get away from you. I'm not going to lie, I questioned my parenting skills 4,000 times or so.

You know, it's really hard to be a good parent to a child who is sick when you're sick too. I think there should be some kind of rule where you can't get sick at the same time as your children. It's got to be somewhere on a list of worst things EVER.

So, no pictures come with this post. Believe me, you don't want to see any. Thank goodness we all seem to be doing better today. Now I can tackle all the things that didn't get done during our stomach bug weekend.

At least we didn't catch the bug during our Florida vacation. There's always an upside.

I love you so,

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