Tuesday, January 24, 2012

our 15 minute snow adventure

Dear Em,
We spent an hour doing snow related activities this weekend. It took us 45 minutes to get ready & bundle up. We spent 15 minutes out in the snow. Most of those 15 minutes you spent crying.

Let me start from the beginning.

Our first real Rhode Island snowstorm came to us on the 19th of January, way later than usual (not that I'm complaining). Last year we had a long winter, full of enough snow for my lifetime. Our yard was pretty much completely covered with snow from December until the end of March. You waddled around in it a few times, but it was hard to really play in it. You had barely been walking & felt uneasy stepping in the deep, slippery whiteness. Your winter coat also kept you from being able to lower your arms completely. Needless to say, outside fun was a little awkward.

February 2011.
Now that you get around with skill & ease, your Daddy & I Santa couldn't wait to get you a sled. We wanted to enjoy winter together this year instead of just getting through it. We actually looked forward to snow. So, of course it didn't snow enough to stick to the ground until halfway through January.

It snowed Thursday night into early Friday morning. Seeing some snow finally cover the ground with a forecast for more, Daddy & I were so excited to take you sledding for the very first time on Saturday. Well, you went sledding your very first time at school that Friday (& painted in the snow, your school is so fun). I was kinda bummed Daddy & I missed that milestone, but wicked excited that you loved the experience. It was just about dark by the time we got home that Friday, & we put you to bed as you said "tomorrow I go sledding with Mommy & Daddy."

It took FOREVER to get all of our winter stuff out of the closet & bundle up. Seriously, forever.

Mid-bundling picture.
We finally got outside, all bundled & warm. We were excited for our first family snow & sledding adventure. Of course, you...hated...every...second.

You cried during sledding, screamed when we encouraged you to go down the slide, & whimpered on the swings. You didn't like the snow in your face, you actually didn't like it anywhere on you. You cried as the snow covered your mittens & asked me to "clean them off." I hoped that we could try again when the snow had stopped falling, & you would be more comfortable without it flying in your face. By then the stomach bug had wreaked havoc on our immune systems. Of course, now I hear the sound of rain drops. My hope of snow fun is being washed away as I type this.

You did enjoy the hot cocoa with Daddy after your 15 minutes of torture. I guess it wasn't a total loss. I guess there is still a lot of winter left. I hope this isn't the end of our 2012 snow story.

I love you so,

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